Anything for Love

Press Play!

Sometime last week, our haciendera-heiredera-hartesta friend was in town… The last time we saw each other was in June, so after hearing the news that she’s here we immediately gathered one evening without any definite itenerary in mind. Let me tell you what happened…

Where to dine? first choice: Coco’s then ang ending Wild Safari Grill! #eatallyoucan

Wild Safari Grill is  located at F. Torres St. Davao. The price was pretty affordable, around P290/pax and with all the grilled goodies I thought it was worth the buffet price.

highlight of the night: Buko Pandan aka Mango Pandan

The night was still young so we went to CBTL.

Hello there customer na naka laptop! 

Sa wakas napuslan na ang coupon sa BDJ. Moroccan Mint na walay lami… pag dili bugnaw!

I was informed that they reset passwords every day and that makes this picture useless.

password invalid lagi ko pirmi?!

Trying Ann’s newly bought nail varnish!

Cute noh?!

Say cheers to an everlasting friendship!

Ang bagong rebond na si Ann Lucille Lora!

Thank you Ann for giving us your time that night. We know your schedule was tight but you were there. Have a great weekend!

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Our company had an early Christmas party and don’t ask me why. It was held at Grand Men Seng hotel last December 4 and hosted by Tuesday Vargas. I don’t want to elaborate any more on that as I only attended to get a chance to win an ipad 2 and sad to say…(please complete that line for me). 😦

It was still a great night and I had fun watching people dressed in savvy Black and White. Here’s what I wore to the not so silent night party.

I had fun shopping for my party dress and this dress from Folded and Hung won!

It’s the animal instinct in me. I had no idea that I am already hoarding stuff with animal print on it and I find myself liking eeeeettt!!!

Double like! Meet my girl  Sarah. Though I am a fashion lover, I’m not really into make up and I wanna thank her for doing my hair and making me look like Katty Perry. hahaha!

Hey looky looky! Anne is wearing my dress! Folded and Hung presents the first Holiday Apparel Campaign of Anne Curtis featuring the designs of Eric de los Santos.

All I can say is she is an effective endorser!

I’m a proud owner of this new dress and if you want I’m selling it! I will knock 20% off from the original price and I only used it once, so it’s like brand new.  Let me know if you want to feel like Anne C!



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Tomorrow Never Dies!

please press play to listen while you browse… 😛

November was a tough month and I’m glad that I was able to survive those trying times. Let us just say after 10 months of being in the morning shift I got transferred to night shift and you know I hate that schedule. It was too tiring and all you wanted to do is how to get a high-quality sleep during the day. Because my sleep was disturbed it disturbed my social, professional and personal life(char!) and impedes my thinking process. I’m thankful that it was over and I’m back on track!

I’m happy that me and my boy were able to celebrate our anniversary (read: November was full of drama).

Our 3rd anniversary was not a mess but to be honest we had difficulty celebrating it.

Got these sweeties from fudge! Candles from Saezen.

dramatic effect daw oh!

Good thing I captured this before the router broke down and died on us.

Cheers for another year babe! ILY!

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I hate Leighton Meester!

I totally hate her! Well, you don’t believe that do you? I kid, of course, I love Leighton! This gossip girl star is my favorite. She is always up on the latest styles and she was spotted at Dior Spring 2012 fashion show in Paris, France.

The girl donned a lovely white dress from Dior while she poses for the paparazzi. And puhlease, don’t forget to check the shoes! I want you to recognize it because it’s the protagonist of the story. I’m sorry Leighton for this treachery but this post is not dedicated to you but to this sweet pair of modern mary janes. I just stumbled to this site and found you scored the Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 three bow pumps. I’m not a fan of high heels but upon seeing this I immediately went ga-ga over it.

I’m in love with you! Mwah!

 Louis Vuitton modernized the classic mary jane with dainty bows, a high chunky heel, and different color combos.

Wooooohh! They look Amazing!

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My 2 year old niece did a very stressful job!

Yesterday, my mother invited me to attend her co-teacher’s wedding in Tagum and that my 2 year old niece will be doing the very stressful job as the flower girl. I was hesitant at first because it’s far from where I’m at however my mother bribed me. (bribed? or naay kapalit? hehehe :-P)

So! That’s Marian, my energetic niece. Not to disappoint the bride, she’s been practicing for weeks! You better practice langga because this is a serious thing! hahaha!

I was right. My mother made me the official photographer of her granddaughter. She keeps reminding her not to get shy and freeze. (pressured much mother?)

She is so cute!

Our Lady of Assumption Church, Merville, Tagum City

I got distracted and tried a hundred times getting a decent image of this rainbow colored zebra! #frustratedphotographer

Nice setup!

the reception of the wedding was held at Molave Hotel

Busog na ang flower girl!

Look at her! My mother and I were thrilled when she walked down the aisle! Take note she only walked and never threw the flower petals.  Good job kaau langga! (Echos ka naka puti!)

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Goodbye to you my trusted friend…

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You inspired me with your incredible works and amazing vision. You have made a huge influence to my day to day living.  I may be a pc user but I am an apple advocate.  You invented devices that made our lives easier but you made me very sad today.

Thank You Steve Jobs! You had lived your life!

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In this roundup, I have found Steve Jobs most inspiring quotes.

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This is my favorite quote! connect the dots thingy!

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Facebook Timeline




  Facebook announced a new user interface for profiles called Timeline.  Mark Z. reconceptualize how profile pages should look. According to him Timeline shows a fuller view of the present and a summary view of the past.

Follow the steps here on how to  enable Facebook Timeline before public release. Here’s what it looks like.

Know more about timeline here.











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