Silmugi Festival 2012

January 18 of this year, the search of the Queen of Silmugi Festival 2012 was held at the town plaza of Borbon, Cebu. I was invited by my boyfriend’s cousin to watch Silmugi Queen Festival and the pageant was “bonggacious”! Pardon me for the term but the show was really nice!  I can show you evidence!

The two day Silmugi Festival is a celebration by the residents of Borbon district for the good harvest. I wondered why Borbon’s festival is named Silmugi so I asked my partner’s sisters but they don’t have any idea. Thanks to google and I have the answer from this article. According to oral history, it is named after the Silmugi River located in between the barangays of Poblacion and Cadaruhan. The river played a big part during Borbon’s formulation as a town because in the past, the river was knowned to be so big and wide that a boat travelled by it. That was informative and now I know!

Presenting the candidates in their night gown!

PYT = pretty  young thing!


Triple like the gown!

Say something!

Ana ko bongga ilang costume!

Some of the 16 lovely candidates!

Creative jud ang mga bayot!

Naa pa!

So much of neons!

What a face!!!

Kulba ba?!

Kaya mo yan!


Cute little, curly girl!

Astig ning bataa ni!

Tan aw tan aw!

Dance, dance, dance!

Mao ni ang best in costume!



Ana ko pa mao ni xa mudaog!

Xa jud midaug!

The singing judges!

That’s all about it!

Ooops! Wait there’s more! Check the video and see fireworks!

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