Anything for Love

Press Play!

Sometime last week, our haciendera-heiredera-hartesta friend was in town… The last time we saw each other was in June, so after hearing the news that she’s here we immediately gathered one evening without any definite itenerary in mind. Let me tell you what happened…

Where to dine? first choice: Coco’s then ang ending Wild Safari Grill! #eatallyoucan

Wild Safari Grill is  located at F. Torres St. Davao. The price was pretty affordable, around P290/pax and with all the grilled goodies I thought it was worth the buffet price.

highlight of the night: Buko Pandan aka Mango Pandan

The night was still young so we went to CBTL.

Hello there customer na naka laptop! 

Sa wakas napuslan na ang coupon sa BDJ. Moroccan Mint na walay lami… pag dili bugnaw!

I was informed that they reset passwords every day and that makes this picture useless.

password invalid lagi ko pirmi?!

Trying Ann’s newly bought nail varnish!

Cute noh?!

Say cheers to an everlasting friendship!

Ang bagong rebond na si Ann Lucille Lora!

Thank you Ann for giving us your time that night. We know your schedule was tight but you were there. Have a great weekend!

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