My 2 year old niece did a very stressful job!

Yesterday, my mother invited me to attend her co-teacher’s wedding in Tagum and that my 2 year old niece will be doing the very stressful job as the flower girl. I was hesitant at first because it’s far from where I’m at however my mother bribed me. (bribed? or naay kapalit? hehehe :-P)

So! That’s Marian, my energetic niece. Not to disappoint the bride, she’s been practicing for weeks! You better practice langga because this is a serious thing! hahaha!

I was right. My mother made me the official photographer of her granddaughter. She keeps reminding her not to get shy and freeze. (pressured much mother?)

She is so cute!

Our Lady of Assumption Church, Merville, Tagum City

I got distracted and tried a hundred times getting a decent image of this rainbow colored zebra! #frustratedphotographer

Nice setup!

the reception of the wedding was held at Molave Hotel

Busog na ang flower girl!

Look at her! My mother and I were thrilled when she walked down the aisle! Take note she only walked and never threw the flower petals.  Good job kaau langga! (Echos ka naka puti!)

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