Google’s Annual Birthday Doodles

I’m a huge fan of google doodles. It never fail to amaze me in showing static doodles and those that are interactive. I thought of collecting it but what’s the point if you can check it from their GD Archive.

Hey Google Happy 13th Birthday! I know it is the time of the year that you render your own Birthday doodle! Do you like to reflect and reminisce the good old days? Coz I have just copied and pasted here your birthday memories since you were 4!

Viola! Happy 4th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday! Okay, the usual party hat and a cake!

Happy 6th Birthday! Booh balloons!

Happy 7th Birthday! Nothing spectacular!

Happy 8th Birthday! I love cupcakes therefore I love this doodle!

Happy 9th Birthday! Nice piñata!

Happy 10th! Is that a server or a karaoke player?

What happened to your 11th Bday? Why so simple?

Google Birthday Doodles: A Look Back

Ugly 12th Birthday Doodle!

Google's 13th Birthday google doodle image 2011

Google you are officially a teenager! You made this one special huh?! But I like it because it tells a story! Anyway, we will be looking forward for next year’s celebration and impress me with your Birthday doodle!

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