red-eye flight!

The blog title has nothing to do with this entry today.  It is not about the color red too but  it’s about the color that stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. It’s no other than the color Orange!  Have you heard that  it can bring you a positive outlook in life? It is also useful during difficult economic times because it will keeps us motivated and help us look on the bright side of life. (oh let color orange sink in!)

When I think of this color, it reminds me of sunny skies,  hot days and citrus fruits.  The rains may be upon us this time of the year but let ‘s rejuvenate our spirits with a squirt of orange!

Seeing this lovely camera makes me capture precious moments.

Look at this? Who loathe this orange door?  (i hate you!)

she’s the main reason why I decided to post something about orange.

darn! I want your blouse super slim model!

Ever wonder who she is? I don’t know her too. The only thing I know is that she models for Redopin (my favorite clothing brand from an Asian site YesStyle).

(jaw dropped!) I love the bikini! I will call you happy bikini! I wish I can wear something like that ( in public)!

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