Overdue Post: Balut Island

This is a not so recent event which prevented me from blogging.  For those of you who may not know, the Sisterhood of Travaling B’s (aka SoTBs) visited an island that is located at the south of the tip of Davao del Sur which is a five-hour boat ride from General Santos City. Luckily, a girl (itago nalang nato sa pangalang Buding) who is a member of SoTB lives in the island and made our stay unforgettable. Let me and Boobi take this opportunity to thank you and your family for letting us experience the life we never had in the city.

I’ve put off posting this because I was tired as hell after the long trip…. but now you can check it out.

Apologies for the picture quality and the red border line, used the snipping tool to reduce the file size so I can upload it. I swear not to use a Sony camera! super size ang file size nila! wordpress uploader can’t handle it…

click here if you want to see celebrities in the island! 😛

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