Reform the Entertainment

This is what you call Re-Ment addiction. Oh! if you have not heard about it and according to wikipedia, Re-ment is a Japanese manufacturer of collectible plastic toys. The name is derived from a combination of the phrase “reform the entertainment”. Established in 1998, Re-Ment currently sells a line of highly-detailed miniature food, furniture and animal figures. This is so sad, the toy is only available in Japan…. 😦

I’m drooling over this super detailed, kawaii realistic miniatures which scaled at 1:6…

They are so adorable! I hope Toys R Us will sell Re-Ment!

Awwwww! Re-Ment LOVE!!! I hope that someone from abroad will gift me!

I wanna thank flicker for letting me steal the photos of Re-Ment addicts.

I want all of you! Hope to meet you soon my future babies!

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One Response to Reform the Entertainment

  1. Peke Penguin says:

    Wow this stuff is really “kawaii”.
    Some of it looks good enough to eat.

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