Will be gone in June


Believe it or not this is the first time I visited Abreeza after it went live last May 12. 🙂 I just went there to meet and eat with my friends Clarice and Ann.   Clarice aka Bubi (the girl above) decided the place where we can chow.  Her pick was Teriyaki Boy!


Meet the girl who came fresh from Palawan, my other friend named Ann aka Buding. She brought us “pasalubongs” a tshirt and a pack of cashew. So thoughtful of you ding! 

ding and tod

Look at my default face and behind me is Ann with her Mango shake!

California Maki

We decided to say hello again to California Maki sushi. I just ate one,  Clarice hate it so she picked one as well so who ate the rest?

Chicken Teriyaki

 Tastes good…period!

Let me feature the tee Ann handed me.  I so love the print of this shirt! My amiga really knows what I like. Merci mon Ami!!! I and Clarice will be looking forward to visit your place this June!  The Sisterhood of the Traveling B’s will cross the border and settle in Balut Island… just kidding!

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