Cheap Finds in Cebu

I just bought all these accessories a couple of days ago from a store in Carbon, Cebu. Believe me when I tell you that I only spent one-hundred-and-forty pesos to purchase all of these! I forgot the name of the store because I lost the receipt. When we went there they had a 20% discount. Ha! great finds you bet!

29 pesos

30 pesos

25 pesos

50 pesos

7 pesos

7 pesos

12 pesos

Till the next bargain!

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Silmugi Festival 2012

January 18 of this year, the search of the Queen of Silmugi Festival 2012 was held at the town plaza of Borbon, Cebu. I was invited by my boyfriend’s cousin to watch Silmugi Queen Festival and the pageant was “bonggacious”! Pardon me for the term but the show was really nice!  I can show you evidence!

The two day Silmugi Festival is a celebration by the residents of Borbon district for the good harvest. I wondered why Borbon’s festival is named Silmugi so I asked my partner’s sisters but they don’t have any idea. Thanks to google and I have the answer from this article. According to oral history, it is named after the Silmugi River located in between the barangays of Poblacion and Cadaruhan. The river played a big part during Borbon’s formulation as a town because in the past, the river was knowned to be so big and wide that a boat travelled by it. That was informative and now I know!

Presenting the candidates in their night gown!

PYT = pretty  young thing!


Triple like the gown!

Say something!

Ana ko bongga ilang costume!

Some of the 16 lovely candidates!

Creative jud ang mga bayot!

Naa pa!

So much of neons!

What a face!!!

Kulba ba?!

Kaya mo yan!


Cute little, curly girl!

Astig ning bataa ni!

Tan aw tan aw!

Dance, dance, dance!

Mao ni ang best in costume!



Ana ko pa mao ni xa mudaog!

Xa jud midaug!

The singing judges!

That’s all about it!

Ooops! Wait there’s more! Check the video and see fireworks!

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Stylish Stuffs that Pack a Punch

I absolutely love fashion. For me, its a part of my life and happiness.  I don’t know but it always manages to put a smile on my face, gives me inspiration, makes live my dream and gives me hope for a better life. Let me share to you what to have for this year.

Oh boy, it was this image that sparked my love for leopard prints.

Leopard Print Blazer / F21

Crop drape front two tone blazer from WAGW

Mustache Charm Necklace / F21

shoppers bag from Le Goyard

sequined cropped top from WAGW

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Too Much of Something…

Wepa! Happy New Year dear blog! I am just so happy today that I have accomplished my task and had a chance to indulge in some “me” time.

Me time for me means shopping!

There, I said it. I decided to try something different to comfort myself! I repeat “to comfort myself” and the answer to that is Retail Therapy. I love the feeling of buying something new for me or for others  and that really makes me feel better. Today, I challenged myself to buy something below a hundred. You see, RT does not require you to buy something expensive but I want to thanks Uyanguren for making this challenge possible. (hihihi ) So, are you ready to do the math?

Check it out!

15 pesos each

Crystal Bead Bracelets

39 pesos

so cute this Pandora inspired bracelet

16 pesos / Braided bracelet

35 pesos / beaded ring

What do you think? Did I win the challenge?

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Ambitious Day!

Have you ever been too Ambitious? Some might hear the word as an insult and others might take it as a compliment but for me it is showing a strong determination to succeed.  I am currently in my bed right now having a very ambitious day.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


I am now a certified amBITCHosa! charlot!

Images from Pinterest

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This Trend Should Never Die!

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular fashion trends of 2011 was sparkly, sequined dresses. I can’t believe that I’m loving glitters and with no fear, I would not mind injecting some sparkle to my everyday look.


Please excuse me, can I wear you to work?

Sequined Sweetheart Dress/F21

Mariah Sequin Tee / Delias

Exposed Back Sequin Dress / F21

Image 1 of ASOS Sequin Sweater

ASOS Sequin Sweater

Image 1 of Kookai All Over Sequin Jacket

Kookai All Over Sequin Jacket

Hay! Sequins! I love you so much today “right now!” (EH consultants can relate to that word). I hope you live forever!

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Gorge Time-tellers!

Turquoise Crystal Slate Gray with Gold Case WrapCoral Gold Tokyo Crystal Chain Wrap

White Gold Studded WrapGold - Silver Square

Chocolate Snake Layer WrapRose Gold - Black Pyramid Wrap - Black Dial EXCLUSIVE!

I actually don’t normally wear a watch, but I’m usually on time anyway. I say yes to these lovely wrap watches from La Mer and these are my favorites from their collection. I wonder where to find it here? Watches are hand assembled and made with care so it will take about 7 days to be shipped “IF” you are in US.  You can view the entire collection here. Malula ka sa kadaghan ug nindot!

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